Service Description

MobilPass forms the significant part of any we-site project. By providing the above service you could convert your site into the starting place of profits in several minutes without any practical efforts. All you need that is to find  web-hosting which could support PHP or any other language for executing scripts on the server side.

How does it work?

MobilPass could be used for as follows:

  • payment effecting for something you need by SMS message;
  • information access restriction;
  • payable file archives creating.

We carried out a lot of modifications which could allow altering the manual format for sending SMS message, building in WHL version of MobilPass into WAP-site, as well as changing language used by default. On the page of technical manual MobilPass you could find the all preset models of source codes by PHP, Perl, ASP, ASPNET and ActionScript.

Installation and Configuration

MobilPass integration with your project does not take much time. First of all, you need to register your data. Secondly, you have enter the control panel in MobilPass filed. Press "add" to adding a new MobilPass to your account, and fill the preset form. Please, pay your attention to the field "web address". Considering that in your system the pre moderation is running, the server could operate just after the moderator has confirmed this procedure.   The technical details of MobilPass installation and configuration define in the link mentioned below.

 technical info ››

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